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The Equity Preservation Mortgage® is designed to fund both our Futureproof financial products and the embedded banking and insurance products of our Product Issuers, that meet the needs of customers throughout every stage of life. 

Our design principles

The key design principles driving our product team when developing the Equity Preservation Mortgage® are: 

These are mortgage products (not investment products) 

Put customer needs at the centre of product design 

Develop a range of products to meet the specific funding requirements of the aging population at each life stage 

Deliver real economic value to customers 

Financial products must be ethical and fiscally responsible 

Remove investment risk, capital risk and interest rate risk for the borrower 

Remove negative equity risk, credit risk and investment risk for the lender 

Lower risk weighting under Basel II and III (banking) and Solvency II (insurance)  protocols 

More efficient use by lenders of regulated capital to write our mortgages 

Products that deliver higher return on bank assets to increase profitability of the lender 

Improve customer retention  from typically 5 years, up to 30 years

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How to use our smart mortgages 

The Equity Preservation Mortgage® is an entirely new form of mortgage that operates very differently from all existing equity release mortgages and is able to be utilised in two different ways: 

To support the range of standard Futureproof products designed for every life stage. 
Bundle and fund legacy products or third-party products embedded on the SaaS product platform. 

Our products

Futureproof Income™ 

Futureproof Income™ utilises our Equity Preservation Mortgage® to offer a tax-free, guaranteed, fixed-term income solution for pre-retirees of all ages.

Example: a pre-retiree with a property at a median house value of $750,000 can obtain up to $25,000 p.a. in tax-free annuity income for 15 years. 

Futureproof Superannuation™ 

Futureproof Superannuation™ uses our Equity Preservation Mortgage® to give customers a reliable and tax-free income stream, directing funds straight to their superannuation account or private retirement fund. 

Example: a 40-year-old pre-retiree with a property at a median house value of $750,000 will add $1,000,000 to his or her superannuation balance by retirement age. 

Futureproof Pension™ 

Futureproof Pension™ helps customers secure a stable and tax-free revenue stream. Our Equity Preservation Mortgage® will be utilised as the funding engine to finance or acquire a deferred annuity, ensuring a worry-free retirement. 

Example: a 40-year-old pre-retiree with a property at a median house value of $750,000 may fund the purchase of a deferred annuity to provide up to $25,000 p.a. income from retirement age.  

Futureproof Retirement™ 

Futureproof Retirement™ offers a worry-free solution for retirement that will ensure financial security in customers' golden years by providing maximum annuity income using the Equity Preservation Mortgage®. 

Example: a retiree with an average property for seniors valued at $1,000,000 can obtain up to $400,000 in tax-free annuity income taken monthly over 5, 10 or 15 years. 

Futureproof Investment™ 

Futureproof Investment™ will strategically utilise our Equity Preservation Mortgage® as the funding mechanism for purchasing an investment property, ensuring it is completely paid off by retirement age. 

Example: a 40-year-old self-employed pre-retiree or small business owner (usually with no superannuation) with an average property of median value of $750,000 can fully fund the purchase of a new 1-bedroom investment property or buy-to-let.  

Futureproof Aged Care™ 

Futureproof Aged Care™ utilises our Equity Preservation Mortgage® as a dependable financial solution, covering daily accommodation and care charges in aged care residences. 

Example: a retiree with an average property for seniors valued at $1,000,000 will preserve that equity for the refundable bond for low-care or high-care accommodation, should it be needed, while also paying up to $700 per week for aged care fees. 

Futureproof Family Assistance™ 

Futureproof Family Assistance™ harnesses our Equity Preservation Mortgage® to facilitate generous gifting to loved ones. 

Example: a retiree with an average property for seniors valued at $1,000,000 can gift a $110,000 lump sum to a grandchild to assist with a home purchase while giving up to $25,000 p.a. to another grandchild for university or college fees. 

Futureproof Wealth™ 

Futureproof Wealth™ utilises our Equity Preservation Mortgage® as a strategic financial mechanism to enhance the rental yield on every investment property or buy-to-let currently in the customer's portfolio. 

Example: high net worth investors who own an unencumbered one-bedroom rental property at a median value of $750,000 can secure a supplementary tax-free income stream (in addition to their existing rental income of $480 per week) from that property of up to $25,000 p.a, thereby doubling their existing rental yield. 

More on how our products work

In addition to the financial outcomes described, Futureproof’s products bring other benefits.

  • loan interest is charged as simple interest, not compounding interest
  • all loan interest is paid on behalf of the borrower by the mortgage funding mechanism
  • lenders mortgage insurance protection removes property risk for the lender and is standard with the premium and paid on behalf of the borrower
  • new parametric insurance is standard to remove credit risk for the lender and is paid on behalf of the borrower
  • all existing home equity is protected and guaranteed

There are no hidden or additional costs. The only customer costs involved include:   

  • loan application fee
  • property appraisal or valuation fee
  • stamp duty
  • standard legal costs for the mortgage preparation and registration
  • break costs where early termination of the mortgage occurs (fixed rate mortgages only)

No retirement funding product should:

  • deplete home equity to the point where there is insufficient money left to pay aged care
  • leave the retiree with less than $1,000,000 in home equity at end of term to fund future needs
  • expose a retiree to financial risk, capital risk or investment risk during retirement

Self-insuring these risks in retirement income is a recipe for financial disaster and personal distress.

Note that the Futureproof mortgages:

  • are designed for the average asset-rich cash-poor customer
  • require the security property to be unencumbered
  • impose no upper limit on property value, provided it is supported by a property appraisal or valuation
  • deliver superior financial outcomes that no other equity release product can match
  • achieve superior financial outcomes with no adverse cashflow impact or tax effect on the customer
  • support a maximum annuity amount of 40% loan-to-value ratio
  • support a maximum total borrowing of 80% loan-to-value ratio
  • support a maximum lump sum (if any) of 10% loan-to-value ratio