Unlocking home equityA new way to fund retirement and aged care

Around 30% of retirees are cash-rich and able to purchase traditional annuity, guaranteed income and investment products to fund their retirement and aged care.

However, banks, insurance carriers and regulated non-bank lenders have no product offering for their aging customers who are asset-rich cash-poor, other than traditional equity release products that are not-fit-for purpose, such as reverse mortgages.

Introducing the
Equity Preservation Mortgage®

Futureproof’s Equity Preservation Mortgage® is a lower risk weighted mortgage that monetises a retiree’s home equity in an entirely new way to meet their financial needs at every stage of life.

At Futureproof, we are revolutionising the way home equity is accessed. Our Equity Preservation Mortgage® helps retirees receive annuity income without depleting their home equity, ensuring that all their home wealth is preserved.

Problems we are solving

Futureproof is the only fintech addressing two growing global problems:

Retirement funding gap

The global retirement funding gap is growing by 5% per year as the population ages to 2050. A key to solving this problem is to access the capital locked up in the largest single but untapped asset class, residential home capital. The Equity Preservation Mortgage® is a new mortgage-based financial instrument that will do just that. Ours is a fiscally responsible and innovative solution that uses a new low risk financial instrument.

Inter-generational unfairness

A growing wealth divide and a growing tax burden is creating inter-generational unfairness with a deteriorating dependency ratio of retirees to taxpyaers. This is evidenced by declining rates of home ownership with the retiree’s children increasingly unable to enter the housing market. Unlike existing traditional equity release mortgage products, Futureproof’s Equity Preservation Mortgage® ensures the full inter-generational transfer of retiree home wealth, meaning original home equity and all capital appreciation on the home is preserved to pass onto the family.

Introducing the Futureproof Equity Preservation Mortgage®

What makes the Equity Preservation Mortgage® a better solution?

The Equity Preservation Mortgage® is designed to overcome the inherent defects of reverse mortgages.

Home capital is monetised into long-term tax-free annuity income or bundled to fund financial and insurance embedded products.

Original equity and capital appreciation of the home do not form any part of the funding mechanism.

The mortgage pays loan interest on behalf of the retiree and therefore is not compounded.

Regulated financial institutions incur no upfront or recurring license fees as product issuers and can brand, issue, and retail the mortgage to their aging customers.

Our SaaS platform is a product plug-in that is effortlessly integrated with cloud-based mortgage platforms or legacy systems via secure APIs.

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Accessible only through Futureproof's SaaS Product and Funding Platform

The Equity Preservation Mortgage® can only be written through our SaaS Product and Funding Platform.

White-labelled equity release mortgage solution

Available to financial institutions and regulated lenders

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We aim to empower individuals of any age to monetise the up to 80% of their home equity to fund embedded products and bundled services for every life stage. With Futureproof, pre-retirees can use the Equity Preservation Mortgage® to supplement their superannuation or pension plans for a comfortable future retirement or even fund the purchase of a deferred annuity.

For retirees, we can help turn home capital into a steady stream of tax-free income to ensure financial stability in active retirement, or fund aging in-the-home care services or daily residential aged care fees.

The Equity Preservation Mortgage® is built to meet financial needs at every life stage.

We provide financial institutions including banks, insurance carriers and non-bank lenders with lower risk weighted and bespoke mortgage products that can meet customers’ retirement and aged care funding needs, unconstrained by age and LVR or LTV limitations and with no negative equity risk, borrower serviceability risk or credit risk.

For Partners, Futureproof works only with preferred mortgage insurance, international reinsurance and capital markets partners in all key markets.

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