A fintech & insurtech disrupter

of banking, insurance & wealth management


re-thinking retirement funding

are you a pre-retiree?

use home capital to
build your wealth or
fund future retirement

are you a retiree?

use home capital to
provide tax-free annuity
income in retirement

are you self-employed?

use home capital
to build a property
portfolio for retirement

are you a professional adviser?

new low-risk bespoke financial products
for better client outcomes
in retirement

are you a financial institution?

access a game-changing new mortgage
that is less capital intensive and more profitable to write
to better meets the needs of your ageing customers

fiscal responsibility to us means sufficient retirement funding to live comfortably with certainty of income and removal of risk whilst preserving all existing home equity for future needs

playing a game of chance that gambles whatever home equity remains against the continuing health, aged care needs and longevity of each partner is not a retirement strategy - it's a recipe for personal distress and financial disaster at the time of greatest vulnerability

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