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are you a pre-retiree?

use home capital to
build your superannuation or
fund future retirement

are you a retiree?

use home capital to
provide tax-free annuity
income in retirement

are you self-employed?

use home capital
to build a property
portfolio for retirement security

are you a professional adviser?

new low-risk bespoke financial products
for far better client outcomes
in retirement

are you a financial institution?

access a game-changing new mortgage
that is less capital intensive and more profitable to write
to meet the needs of your ageing customers

are you a government, not-for-profit or property developer?

monetize residential property portfolios
used for social housing or build-to-rent developments
to unlock capital and generate new income

Core Principles

fiscal responsibility to us means sufficient retirement funding to live comfortably with certainty of income and removal of risk whilst preserving all existing and future home equity for future needs or to leave to the family

playing a game of chance that gambles what little home equity remains after being depleted by a reverse mortgage, against the continuing health, home care needs, cost of transition to residential aged and longevity of each partner is not a retirement strategy - it's a recipe for personal distress and financial disaster at the time of greatest vulnerability

Company Announcements

Latest News

Q4/2021 – James Huey, Chairman
 Futureproof opens new office in Channel Islands

Futureproof Chairman, James Huey, today announced the opening of a new Channel Islands office in Guernsey.
Located at the Polygon Tech Hub at St Peter Port, this Futureproof office will house our Channel Islands team headed by local directors Dennis Stollar, Dominique Carpentier and Stuart Place, supported by visiting resources from London and Sydney.

This is an important strategic move for Futureproof supporting its longer-term plans to re-domicile the Group from Hong Kong to the Channel Islands

which offer a robust and stable regulatory environment, supportive of the activities of global businesses in insurance, reinsurance, asset management and financial services with a new focus, supported by the States of Guernsey Government, to attract technology companies.

Current News

Q3/2021 – Ernst & Young
 2021 Australian Insurtech EcoSystem Map
Ernst & Young today released their 2021 Australian Insurtech EcoSystem Map.
The latest map features, for the first time, Futureproof.

EY reports that this 4th Edition of the EcoSystem Map shows a 52% increase in the number of Australian Insurtech’s since 2020.

Futureproof joins a select group of just 18 Insurtechs focused product innovation to deliver better Customer value.





Current News

Q3/2021 – Your Life Choices
 Older Australians Insights Survey 2021

Leading digital media and retirement portal for older Australians, Your Life Choices today released their annual Older Australians Insights Survey.

This important survey provides a snapshot of the serious retirement funding shortfall  facing most Seniors.

72% own their home outright. However, the Survey highlights the dilemma Retirees face having so few financial product options. Your Life Choices reports that 58% are not considering downsizing their home (plus another 23% are unsure) yet, at the same time, 57% respond that their savings will not provide an income for life.

Current News

Q3/2021 – John De Ravin, Senior Actuary
 ‘Spend Your Decennial Age’
Optimal Draw Down Rate in Retirement

Futureproof Advisory Board Member and  Senior Actuary, John De Ravin, together with colleagues Estelle Liu, Rein van Rooyen, Paul Scully and Shang Wu, look into what is the optimal account-based pension draw down rate in retirement.
This important work develops new drawdown rules that yield improved total lifetime utility of consumption for Retirees.
Their new useful rule of thumb for single Retirees is to “Spend Your Decennial Age“.
This simply means, in your 60s draw down 6% of the beginning-of-year your account-based pension balance.  In your 70s draw down 7% and in your 80s draw down 8%.
In Australia, once you hit 85  the statutory minimum drawdown rates apply.

Recent News

Q1/2021 – Insurtech Australia
 Voice of Australian Insurtech features Futureproof

Insurtech Australia today featured Futureproof in its May 2021 Newsletter. 

Insurtech Australia is the leading industry body fostering a diverse community of insurance innovation and collaboration by bringing together insurtechs, insurance practitioners, entrepreneurs, technologists, innovators, and industry stakeholders across Australia.











Recent News

Q2/2021 – Innovate | Finance UK

Voice of Global Fintech Features Futureproof

Innovate | Finance is the independent industry body that represents and advances the global FinTech community in the UK.

Innovate | Finance UK today featured Futureproof in their Shining a Spotlight On Series –  a platform recognized as showcasing the brightest and best in UK FinTech.

Innovate | Finance plays UK’s leading role in the financial services sector by directly supporting the next generation of technology-led innovators.

The support of industry bodies such as Innovate | Finance that bring fintechs, financial institutions, regulators and governments together is an important part of Futureproof’s market launch in UK and Australia – the most highly regulated financial markets in the world.

The UK launch of the Equity Preservation Mortgage™  is planned for late 2022 with Futureproof now inviting participation from an initial group of leading UK  financial institutions as Product Issuers.

Recent News

Q3/2021 – Fintech Australia

Voice of Australian Fintech Features Futureproof

Futureproof and its breakthrough Equity Preservation Mortgage™ was today featured by Fintech Australia in its weekly Five Fintechs – a series profiling the best of the Australian fintech community.

As the leading representative body for Australia’s fintech industry, Fintech Australia brings together all parts and players in the financial technology ecosystem.  Most important is its work with government and industry to develop new approaches to help accelerate innovation while ensuring a secure and stable financial system.

These objectives and values directly align with Futureproof’s design & development criteria – that no financial or product innovation should introduce any incremental or new systemic risks into the financial system that are not already being risk managed, underwritten and insured in the market today.

The Australian launch of the Equity Preservation Mortgage™  is planned for mid 2022 with Futureproof currently in discussions with an initial group of leading Australian  financial institutions as Product Issuers.

Past News

Q4/2020 – Royal Commission into Aged Care 
 Futureproof Submission


The response of Australia’s financial institutions to the Royal Commission has been under-whelming. 

Traditional banks & insurers need to decide whether to be part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem – because the team at Futureproof will continue to drive change for the better.

  Read more about fintech and insuretech innovation bringing whole-of-life funding solutions and breakthrough financial products for each life-stage of retirement & aged care, in our Submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care.

A response from Government is expected after the May 2021 Federal Budget and ahead of the next Federal election due on or before 21 May 2022. 



Past News

Q1/2021 – New Fintech Partnership

Futureproof Completes Investment in Stropro

Structured products can play an important role in the asset mix of investors alongside traditional asset classes. 

Depending upon the design of each, structured products can be used within a portfolio to remove market volatility, protect capital whilst investing tactically or enhance income in low interest rate environments.

Futureproof has recently entered into a strategic relationship with fintech disrupter, Stropro, as an asset management partner.

 Led by ex-Citi executives, Stropro has democratised structured products as a platform-enabled business bringing institutional capabilities to wholesale and sophisticated investors.

Structured products arranged by Stropro are issued by leading investment banks and supported by institutional guarantees.

Past News

Q2/2021 – Media Release – Aged Care Royal Commission
 New AUD $2.5M Trillion Capital Pool

Futureproof today issued a Media Release to the financial press in its Australian test market. 

With an average mortgage loan size of AUD$880,000, the Equity Preservation Mortgage™ is identified as the only financial instrument in the world capable of responsibly unlocking substantial home equity. 

Through conversion to home capital, a new asset class is created to make available, for the first time, the $2.5 trillion capital pool for self-funding retirement and aged care in Australia.

Home capital is the last remaining asset class of sufficient size and capital depth to make a fiscal difference for Governments seeking solutions to funding shortfalls and to address fiscal issues arising from the rapidly deteriorating dependency ratio of taxpayers:retirees caused by the ageing population.



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