Insurtech Week 2024 – London

The London market was abuzz this week for Insurtech Week underpinned by Insurtech Insights 2024, the premier European insurtech conference attracting 4,000 delegates representing insurers, reinsurers,  VC investors and  insurtechs.

Futureproof was represented at key events by CEO, John Innes and the Futureproof UK Team led by Ian Holt and Tom Hamilton and by Robert Pugsley, London Partner of IMS Digital Ventures.

Australia House, London Futureproof’s UK Team
Insurtech Insights 2024 at Greenwich Point, London

With satellite events hosted by Lloyd’s of London, MunichRe, QBE Insurance, SwissRe and AON, Insurtech Insights 2024 provides a unique opportunity to network across all industry stakeholders notably directly to brokers and underwriters. 

QBE Insurance briefing
Lloyd’s of London One Lime Street, London
SwissRe briefing
Pictured on the Main Underwriting Floor at the Lutine Bell, Insurtech Australia CEO, Simone Dossetor with Futureproof CEO, John Innes and Insurtech Australia ‘s Carolyn Johnston

As a Member also of Insurtech UK, Futureproof was selected to provide a briefing pitch at the headquarters of AON. CEO John Innes said:

“With 350 insurance carriers within one square mile, there is nothing quite like the London market.

In the heart of it is AON, a global broking partner of Futureproof currently placing in the international reinsurance market the mortgage reinsurance risk that underpins our new parametric Lenders Mortgage Insurance that sits behind each Equity Preservation Mortgage®.

The AON event held at its Headquarters opposite Lloyd’s, was a great opportunity to meet the Global Head of Insurtech and brief the wider AON on our transformative fintech and insurtech innovation.”

Futureproof was in the thick of the action as part of the official Insurtech Australia delegation. Futureproof was in the thick of the action as part of the official Insurtech Australia delegation. Opening the week was an official Reception hosted by the Australian High Commissioner at Australia House at which the insurtech members of the Australian delegation was featured. 

Australia House, The Strand, London. Futureproof CEO, John Innes.
Australia House, The Strand, London CEO’s of each Member of the Australian Delegation

Futureproof will be announcing its insurer and reinsurer partners for the UK, Asia-Pacific and US markets shortly.