IMS Digital Ventures backs and supports Futureproof to create a powerful SaaS venture building partnership

Leading VC, IMS Digital Ventures and Futureproof today announced a tech venture partnership and equity participation which will see IMS become a major shareholder in Futureproof following the signing of Agreements in Hong Kong.

IMS Digital Ventures is a Hong Kong-based VC founded by Anastasios Papadopoulos, a former US M&A attorney and Silicon Valley investor, which is focused on building and scaling global SaaS businesses.

With offices in Hong Kong and London and tech teams based in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Shanghai, IMS has a team of over 300 digital platform specialists, architects, analysts and developers specialising in B2B SaaS, eCommerce, Web 3.0, ML and AI. John Innes, Futureproof CEO said:
“The venture partnership with IMS now puts Futureproof on a timeline for market launch of the Equity Preservation Mortgage® in Q2 2024. We welcome Integrated Management Systems as our tech partner enabling Futureproof to launch and rapidly scale, and IMS Digital Ventures as the first VC onto our cap table.”
Anastasios Papadopoulos will now join the Futureproof board of directors adding a wealth of VC experience and track record of building successful global SaaS businesses. The venture partnership with IMS Digital Ventures is an important step in Futureproof’s go-to-market strategy, rapidly advancing the market launch of the Equity Preservation Mortgage® to address two global problems resulting from the aging population – the growing retirement gap and inter-generational unfairness caused by wealth inequality.