We support the principle of equity and fairness for everyone

 At Futureproof we support the principle of equity and fairness for everyone. It’s part of the Futureproof ethos upheld by our founders, directors and employees – it guides how we do business and the decisions we make through engagement with all our stakeholders.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart delivered by the Constitutional Convention in May 2019 demonstrated a remarkable spirit of generosity from the Indigenous first peoples of Australia.  All Australians have a shared history well beyond the last 250 years, with over 60,000 years of the longest continuous human culture on earth.  This is a unique history to be fully recognised, embraced and in which all Australians should take great pride.

Enshrining a First Nations Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution

Enshrining a First Nations Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution is designed to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with the opportunity to have more say in matters and decisions that affect their lives in order to achieve more meaningful outcomes. We recognise that Constitutional recognition is overdue and an important affirmative step in the national reconciliation process.

Major companies, Industry groups, peak bodies and wealthy non-indigenous Australians have long enjoyed the privilege of access to Governments and an ability to influence policy making through political donations, campaign contributions to political parties, employment or engagement of former politicians, paid professional lobbyists and corporate sponsorships,  We regard the Voice as levelling this uneven playing field for Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders by providing them an Advisory Body at local, state and national levels to enjoy the same  access, as a representative group, to Australia’s parliaments and policymakers.

Proposed changes

The proposed change to the Australian Constitution is underpinned by the principle of procedural fairness in making decisions. This is a common law duty which allows people affected by a decision to be heard.

Fairness and equity are central to this intent and the team at Futureproof believes the Voice will help achieve better outcomes for Australia’s first peoples – that is why we support the upcoming referendum to establish a Voice to Parliament. 

You can read the proposed changes to the constitution here.