Asia Futurists Leadership Summit 2023

Futureproof was invited to participatet this year’s Asia Futurists Leadership Summit held in Hong Kong from 11 to 17 January.

The Summit brings together Thought Leaders on key issues of our time with some of the largest Family Offices and Investors from Asia.

The Asia Futurists Leadership Summit is organised by the Association of Family Offices in Asia (AFO), the Association of Private Bankers in Greater China Region (APB) and the Asia Co-investors Club (ACIC).

Eva Law, Founder & Chair of the Association of Family Offices said:

“The annual Summit is an important opportunity to focus Asia’s wealthiest Family Offices on key issues affecting our societies. It is an opportunity to review economic developments, government policy, impact investing opportunities and identify where Asia’s Family Offices can lead in ways to improve and secure all of our futures.

Ageing is one of the world’s Top 10 wicked problems with a growing retirement funding gap caused by the ageing population, exacerbated by longevity and an increasing dependency ratio of non-working seniors to working taxpayers that is causing a rapidly growing fiscal gap. It is a global problem, creating inter-generational unfairness as an increasing tax burden falls on younger generations – it has particular significance for those of us in the super-ageing societies of Asia.

Futureproof is a thought leader in retirement and aged care funding able to bring a fintech perspective to this issue. We are keen to hear how fintech can assist Government, retirement scheme providers and private sector financial institutions address this problem with financial innovation and new retirement funding products. “

Eva Law, Founder & Chair of the Association of Family Offices